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About us:

The mandolin orchestra "Wanderlust" 1919 e.V. of Rudolstadt consists of 34 active members at the age 14 to 77 years. The mandolin, mandola, guitar, bass and e-bass are played.
Only two of us are professional musicians, the others are amateur players.

Every year the orchestra takes part in about 30 concerts. Highlights are the annual concerts in autumn, at Christmas and the dance & folk festival at Rudolstadt. We are on tour in whole Germany and neighbouring European countries.

Classical music, folk music and modern compositions form part of our repertoire.

This orchestra is a member of the "Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker" (BDZ)


Michael Grübler


Daniel Mortsch
1. Vorstand, Präsident des BDZ LV Thüringen e.V., Vicepresident EGMA